June 26, 2011

AMD OR INTEL CPU choose the best

amd or intel cpu

Being in a position to replace their desktop system, a user could ask from modest skills to launch when buying (or assembly) of an Intel or AMD. This dilemma is reflected in the practical side in the "simple" choice of CPU.

In these
amd or intel cpu explanation do not want to propose indicators to select this or that processor (in fact, the market offers so many proposals that a full disquisition on the subject would take too long), what we do 'to emphasize its strengths and weaknesses of the proposals of the two major producers just mentioned amd or intel cpu. We start from a point beyond dispute. The performance Intel, AMD savings.

From amd or intel cpu, our choice is also reflected in having proposed to set up an inexpensive low cost, and economical fuel consumption, AMD Athlon Dual Core processor, while for high-performance solutions Desktop Intel Dual Core or Quad.

A word of warning '! Let us not make the common mistake of considering solutions AMD inadequate to our needs. Capacities' development of such products allow the achievements of all kinds of configurations: from the PC economy, to that thought for gaming, from the office, the one for overclocking. Excellent, excellent II Athlon and Phenom X3 II. The latter in particular are located half way between the "outdated solutions dual-core" and "the future and more cores to 4".

'Cause then choose Intel? Intel represents that little something extra 'in technology and performance that well ... you pay! Core i7 processors are simply the best solutions currently on the market.

I conclude with a consideration of
amd or intel cpu just mentioned: it is not no precise indication of which solution to choose, we just wanted to put the average user in front of the 'reality' of the facts. " To him, to you, leave the choice!

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