July 2, 2011


amd and intel processors.
The processor CPU is the central processing unit, so critical component of any computer system that reads and executes each instruction of the program, then one of the elements to be evaluated well when you buy a new personal computer or notebook. There are two big brand of  processors name is amd and intel processors.
The choice of the processor that best suits your needs depends on the 'computer use by the user' s, so there are low-end processors for a purpose which is limited to Internet browsing, powerful processors for video games, for heavy graphics programs,
etc. ..

But the real battle in the microprocessor market is between amd and intel processors, a rivalry that has lasted for years with constant comparisons between processing features, speed, price differences and market share.

So, the question that many ask when preparing to choose a new personal computer is "amd and intel processors?"
which will be selected.

So now we try to help the undecided to make a comparison between the latest Intel and AMD.

Compare AMD and Intel processors:

With the new Intel Core series processors has reached the highest levels of performance and dominates the market, but AMD processors are no different and have a significant market share in the range of processors at budget prices.


AMD offers three types of processor - high-end, middle and base, with three processors for each level.
The high-end consists of the AMD Phenom II X6 6-core and high-performance, AMD Phenom X4 quad-core II ideal for multimedia applications and advanced X2 and Phenom for good overall performance at a very affordable price.

In the mid-range AMD Phenom II X3 are AMD, AMD Turion AMD Turion Ultra II and II, all with excellent quality / price and ideal for any multimedia PC.

The processors are the cheapest AMD Sempron, AMD Athlon and AMD Athlon X2 Neo Neo, often used in desktop PCs and laptops very cheap and suitable for basic computing needs like web browsing, basic office functions and e-mail.
Often integrated with ATI graphics, these processors also offer an acceptable use of multimedia.


Even Intel can be classified into three ranges, high-end, medium and low.
The top of the range consists of 3 processors' last series, the i3 Intel Core, Intel Core and Intel Core i7 i5. The Core i7 and Core i5 and 64-bit with Hyper-Threading Technology and Turbo Boost, which delivers higher overall performance and control aspects such as energy consumption, the processor temperature, etc. ..
The Intel Core i3 is too 'it has these features, but does not have the Turbo Boost technology.

In the mid-range of Intel processors are Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Pentium Dual Core, the first has two processing cores that enhance the gaming and multimedia use, while the second has a Core micro-architecture and provides a good efficiency processing.

Finally, based on Intel processors are the Intel Centrino, Intel Centrino Duo and Intel Atom.
Both are popular Centrino processor for notebook PCs, while Intel Atom processor is economical for desktop PC, designed to consume less power but with power rather limited, making it ideal for a basic use of computers.

So we come to the comparison based on features of the Intel and AMD processors with the same end:

Consumption good Intel, AMD less
Price: High Intel, AMD Economic
Cooling: Intel has a better cooling system, AMD heats up faster
Performance and speed is faster than Intel, AMD
Video and Multimedia: AMD better thanks to faster clock

This is a brief comparison with information on the latest Intel and AMD processors, is not so useful to declare a winner between the two producers, but in case you have to be to 'buy a new computer and want to know if the processor is available to high-end
, medium or low, especially if it is right for you.

In fact you can not say absolutely that Intel is better than AMD or vice versa, because each processor has some better features than others and the 'important thing is to choose one for your needs.

You can still say that if you want a processor for optimum performance and economy but also the basis for multimedia and gaming, AMD is the better choice, but if you want maximum performance and speed of processing and saving on energy consumption, Intel could be the ideal solution. 

with this explanation hopefully you can tell the difference between amd and intel processors.